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DSRC RSU & App Dev Kit
Tech Available: DSRC and SDK for developing DSRC applications

Development kit for WaveCombo™ module which supports 802.11p, 802.11n, BT and ZigBee for developing DSRC applications

StreetWAVETM Roadside Unit is a ruggedized outdoor DSRC platform for use in Connected Vehicle Deployments. StreetWAVETM is USDOT-certified and is deployed in 4 National active Test beds (Arizona, California, Michigan, and Virginia). It is also used by researchers at various transportation labs and institutes around the world.

Best-of-breed rugged outdoor quality wireless ...

WaveCombo™ is industry’s first 802.11p module which supports 802.11n, Bluetooth (Classic and Low Energy) and ZigBee in a single module. The users can operate it in 802.11p mode or 802.11n/Bluetooth/ZigBee mode, The module provides 23 dBm output power with Class C mask at 64 QAM. It supports extended temperature range of -40C to +105C. 

WaveCombo supports 5 MHz, 10 MHz and 20 MHz operations. It has <1ms switching time between control and service channels.  WaveCombo can be used for developing On Board Unit (OBU) or Road Side Unit (RSU) for Connected Vehicle market.  It has several low power modes which makes it suitable for several other markets like Connected Bikes or Smart Phones with 802.11p capability.

WaveCombo software development kit (SDK) includes two WaveCombo boards along with two GPS receivers for end-to-end testing.  It embeds IEEE 1609 stack and SAE J2745 messaging along with all the necessary APIs for developing the applications. A few sample applications (e.g. Emergency Electronic Brake Light – EEBL) have also been provided to assist in the development activity.

Open Lab Alliance members can use WaveCombo SDK for interoperability testing as well as developing DSRC applications.