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Tech Available: DSRC Roadside Unit (RSU) and Onboard Unit (OBU)

StreetWAVETM Roadside Unit is a ruggedized outdoor DSRC platform for use in Connected Vehicle Deployments. StreetWAVETM is USDOT-certified and is deployed in 4 National active Test beds (Arizona, California, Michigan, and Virginia). It is also used by researchers at various transportation labs and institutes around the world.

Best-of-breed rugged outdoor quality wireless radios – Choice of Access Radio Module (5Ghz), ITS Radio Module (5.9Ghz), 3G Radio Module (GSM/CDMA). Variable channel widths. Support for 10Mhz, 20Mhz channel widths enables customizing throughput vs range for the application.

Savari will be working with Tass and Octoscope to create real life scenarios of connected vehicles in the field. This is a unique opportunity for connected vehicle vendors to test interoperability, scalability of this equipment. Our setup helps Automotive OEMs to tune their connected vehicle applications before deploying them in the real field.

Security. Advanced wireless security features including 1609.2, IPSec, and SSL for application level security. GPS. Integrated U-Blox GPS module enables location-based applications.

Flexible backhaul options. RJ45 Ethernet port to connect to different networks or Wi-Fi interface can be used in station mode to connect to a backhaul AP. Web-based management. Enables remote management and updates over the air (DSRC/WiFi/3G) or through Ethernet.

Wireless software stack. IEEE 1609.2, 1609.3 and IEEE 1609.4 draft standards compliant WAVE protocol stack for rapid development and deployment of ITS applications. IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standards compliant AP and Client mode software enables out-of-the-box interoperability with various commercial Wi-Fi APs and clients.

Easy-to-use, flexible SDK. Feature-rich libraries and header files for WAVE, IP, Web, GPS, Bluetooth etc.  Interoperability. Interoperates with Kapsch TechnoCom MCNUs, Denso WSUs, as well as Econolite, Siemens traffic controllers.

Sturdy mechanical design. NEMA 67 water and dust-proof enclosure withstands immersion and extreme temperatures. Enclosure has 2 N-Type waterproof antenna connectors, 1 waterproof RJ-45 connector, 1 waterproof power connector and 1 waterproof console connector. Pole mounting kit is provided.

Savari Onboard Unit (OBU)