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Cyber Security
Tech Available: Telematics Cyber Security

SPIRENT Telematics Cyber Security

Protect the Connected Car against security threats car makers and their suppliers have to follow two basic rules:

  • 1. Implementation of security features.
  • 2. Validation of the security implementation.

Cyber Security Test Solution which enables Automotive customers to test their security implementation against the complete range of security threats within modern and next generation vehicles. SPIRENT supports within the solution most of the current In-Vehicle Networks and wireless connectivity technologies like Automotive and standard Ethernet, CAN, Cellular, Wi-Fi and Positioning.The Solution based on a combination of state of the art test systems: C50 Automotive Avalanche, TestCenter, TTworkbench, Wireless Test Station, iTest Test Automation.

C50 Automotive with SPIRENT Avalanche

  • DDoS
  • Fuzzing
  • Worms
  • E-mail attacks
  • Viruses/Trojans/Malware
  • VoIP attacks
  • Application penetration
  • Evaded Attacks/Fragmentation
  • Port Scanning/Port Corruption
  • Buffer Overflows/Protocol Exploitation
  • Additional emulations become possible with the continuous release of new exploit definitions and threat updates
  • Create millions of flooding attacks per second

Spirent’s™ next-generation solution provides visibility into essential areas of cyber security and allows Spirent customers to move beyond just measuring the communication network’s performance for normal data. Customers can now emulate and analyze the effects of corrupt and malicious data traffic and other impairments on their communication networks alongside normalized vehicle and user data. By using Avalanche’s Vulnerability Assessment, test and validation engineers can identify vulnerabilities through realistic attacks like DDoS on individual ECU’s or entire in-vehicle networks. The ability to run sequences of controlled attacks (even timing attacks throughout an entire test run) greatly accelerates the task of closing system vulnerabilities and setting the right cyber security policies. Continuously updated exploit definitions in the Avalanche Attack knowledge base assist in the prevention of malware surprises.