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Channel Emulator
Tech Available: Radio Airlink Channel Emulator

Emulate motion of vehicle, including velocity and GPS position, to test behavior and performance of IEEE 802.11p based DSRC radio devices. Regarding HIL (hardware in the loop),  the octoBox can enclose the DUT(s) and emulate velocity based on the motion simulation on the Tass system

The real-world test challenge is uncontrolled RF environment with random interference that can disrupt the test and difficult-to-set-up desired motion scenarios.  The octoBox® completely isolated controlled RF environment can emulate a variety of motion scenarios and velocities while measuring packet error rate of the radio and its behavior in small and large network configurations.

Test DSRC radio performance under realistic road conditions, including velocity, path loss, noise and interference

Measure PER (Packet Error Rate) performance vs. range and vs. velocity


Objectively compare competing DSRC radios under isolated, repeatable and realistic conditions


Determine how well DSRC chipsets support high rate of signal power change due to fast velocities


Measure radio sensitivity using built-in programmable RF attenuators


Test coexistence with Wi-Fi and other wireless services


Add interference using octoScope’s iGen module Emulate challenging multipath and Doper fading by easily adding a channel emulator into the testbed

Test mesh topologies and the GeoNetworking protocol using multi-node stackable testbeds