The Open Lab Alliance (OLA) provides real world in-lab test scenarios necessary for developing connected vehicle subsystems and applications. It is hosted by a highly accredited test laboratory and is comprised of industry-leading test and measurement companies, roadside unit (RSU) suppliers, and simulation system tool providers that deliver state of the art automotive test technologies. The OLA promotes a collaborative test environment to the automotive engineering and software development community.

OLA is designed to accelerate the development of Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle technologies. With multiple benches, each station addresses a specific test challenge. In a controlled, yet open work environment, engineers can develop lab experiments.


Utilizing an on-line scheduling tool, you can schedule a visit to the lab and to a specific test bench. The web-based reservation tool will then notify the CETECOM Lab Coordinator as well as the designated partner contact (test bench sponsor). Although the OLA lab area is designed for semi-private use, for privacy, conference rooms surrounding the lab area can be used for private and secure conversations.


Best-of-breed facilities for evaluating and demonstrating for connected vehicle technologies, products and services. Each test bench is supported by a CETECOM Lab Coordinator and field engineers from the respective test platform partner.

Conveniently located in Silicon Valley